Tiffany Windows

Marvel at the outcome of a unique glassmaking method and stop at the First Presbyterian Church, which is home to a stunning collection of Tiffany windows.

21 Church Street | 716.433.5905

Historic Palace Theatre

The 90-year-old proscenium-arch style theater is one of the most elegant show houses in the region and is reminiscent of days gone by. Come watch a movie or a live performance in the midst of history.

2 East Ave. | 716.438.1130

Niagara County Historical Society

Whether you’re interested in agriculture, Native American history, pioneer settlers, the Civil War or the Victorian era, the Niagara Historical Society has an exhibit for everyone. The 1824 Bond/Jesse Hawley House is another station worth a visit.

215 Niagara St. | 716.434.7433

Watch movies, play computer games, ride a virtual canal boat or hammer away at a rock wall; what sounds like a county fair is in fact Lockport’s interactive, multi-media museum. Come in, have fun, and learn more about the Erie Canal and the Flight of Five locks.

24 Church St. | 716.439.0431

The Erie Canal Discover Center

Union Station

Used as a train station until 1948. Turned into a popular restaurant in the early 1970’s until it was destroyed by fire in 1974.

95 Union Ave.

U.S. Post Office

1 East Ave.

The building originally included a federal court room that was used for thirty years. It served as the post office until 1993 when the new one was built. It was restored in 1995 and is now home to several small businesses and community groups.